Climate Emergency and the Green New Deal: Centering the Voices of Movements



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On the evening of Thursday, September 5, Bronx Climate Justice North and co-hosts held a panel event designed to work with communities in New York City and beyond to envision the strongest possible Green New Deal from the perspective of social movements — Progressive Labor, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Peoples, Climate Youth, and Ecosocialism.

As yet, the Green New Deal is just a dream. But it has already become a battleground between those who would co-opt it for a version of “green capitalism” that will ensure climate disaster and continued economic and racial injustice, and those who envision a radically new society designed around the needs and demands of people on the front lines of the climate crisis in New York City, NY State, the U.S., and around the world.

This forum sought to lift up the voices of those suffering “first and worst” from the climate emergency and those who have long struggled on the front lines of environmental injustice and racism. These bold but historically marginalized people and communities in our city and across the world must shape the future. As we approached the second anniversary of Hurricane Maria throughout the month of September, this event centered the radical, creative struggles for climate and economic justice and democracy in Puerto Rico and the need for transnational struggle and solidarity

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Table of Contents:

-Video-Battle For Paradise:  Naomi Klein Reports From Puerto Rico…..

1:20 to 18:49

-Jennifer Scarlott’s Welcome and Talk……..18:51 to 26:42

-Robereto ‘Mukaro’ Borrero……..26:43 to 32:28

-Jonathan Soto’s Opening Remarks……….32:29 to 37:25


From Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to tonight’s audience:

Climate Emergency and the Green New Deal Panel Video.MOV

-Video:  A Message From The Future…..37:27 to 45:03

-Video:  The 16 year old Calling Out Global Leaders on Climate Change….

45:04 to 46:48


-Alexandria Villasenor…….46:50 to 55:19

-Sean Sweeney…….55:21 to 1:06:47

-Roberto ‘Mukaro’ Borrero……1:06:48 to 1:14:50

-Mychal Johnson……..1:14:52 to 1:27:47

-Mark Dunlea……1:22:48 to 1:34:04

-Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez……….1:34:06 to 1:41:28

-Session of Questions and Answers…………1:41:30 to 2:06:50

-Summations by presenters and moderator………2:06:51 to 2:17:15

-Lindsey Wilson……….2:17:38 to 2:23:47

-Video of Do it Now (Music)…….2:20:15 to 2:20:56

-Credits:……..2:23:47 to End

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