CPR With Tony Rose


Generally we environmentalists hear about saving animals,  preventing damage to nature and how people forget that we humans are very much a part of the environment.  Well, in this video by Pat Brady of the Staten Island Community TV show, Environmental Issues, guest Tony Rose talks of just that:  through learning CPR we consider people part of the environment and worth saving and preventing harm to.

Tony is a retired nurse, a 20 year++ certified Basic CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) and Advanced CPR instructor, a kayaker, a board member of the Staten Island Natural Protective Association (NRPA), among other such groups and appears at numerous hearings to testify for our environmental needs.

Contact info:

Tony Rose:  cprwithtonyrose@gmail.com

Scott Caruthers @ Training4Life.org

Defibrillator contact:  aed@training4life.org

American Heart Association at heart.org

or locally from the SI Heart Society at siheart.org.

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