Atlantic Drilling-The Environmental Response



Tony Rose of Staten Island’s NRPA  (Natural Resources Protective Association), joins Matt Gove, Policy Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Surfrider Foundation and Peter Blair, Policy Attorney of Clean Ocean Action on Pat Brady’s Environmental Issues Broadcast to discuss the environmental response to present and future Atlantic Drilling possibilities and past experiences that have occurred.

This show is part of a continuing series produced by Pat Brady, Associate Professor at the College of Staten Island, which can be seen on the public access TV on Staten Island:  Staten Island Community TV.  And ETV has been part of the crew for the last 2 years.  (

The Show’s Regular Scheduling is for one hour at 8pm on Tuesday’s on Verizon Channel 35 and Spectrum’s Channel 79 at the same time.  This show can be seen at other times also.  Please check scheduling at:

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