Bike Rally At New Springville Greenway, Staten Island


Enjoying our environment can sometimes be interrupted, as is happening now on Staten Island.

Imagine having to walk, run or bike across an 8 lane avenue, in order to get from one park to another!

Add to that “Left Traffic Turning Lights” and a “ Right Turn Only After Stopping” traffic sign but have no timing, no signs, no traffic buttons for pedestrians, runners or bikers, and what do you get?

Besides a number of people who won’t “Stop” before making any turns and swerve around pedestrians and other cars, as we’ve all experienced at times, we have a VERY UNSAFE, hardly used and “Use At Your Own Risk” public street intersection.

This is the case on Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, along the New Springville Greenway between Fresh Kills Park  and LaTourette Park.  And that’s the reason for the rally that this video documents.

Rose Uscianowski, of Transportation Alternatives, along with the members of The Transportation Alternatives Staten Island Activist Committee, dramatically show the dangers involved by crossing that intersection a few times in spite of discourteous drivers; by interviewing users of the two parks and by stating their concerns and possible solutions with a rally.  We also get to see some of the parks involved during the seasons and through some illustrations on a map.

Potential Solutions?

1-Leading Pedestrian Intervals

2-Use of a safer crossing street

3-Putting Islands within the crossing

For More Info:

To sign the petition

For another video from the Freshkills Park Alliance via their website,

The Alliance

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