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In this video, we highligh the position of one of our own environmental activists, who has taken on the responsibility of running for elective office as a  progressive Democrat on issues important to the people of Westchester:  This is Nancy Vann.

Nancy Vann, lawyer and President of SenRG (Safe Energy Rights Group), and now a candidate for County Legislator in Westchester County, is a thoughtful environmentalist who is an expert on the issue of climate change.

Nancy is concerned about the lack of money devoted to the upkeep of our beautiful parks and shared spaces, which is a position also shared by her fellow Progressive, State Senator George Latimer, who is seeking elective office as the County Executive of Westchester.  Both are opposed to privatization of one of Westchester’s major assets, Westchester airport. Both support affordable housing that will meet federal guidelines and allow workers to live in our county.

Both are also knowledgeable in regard to the complex issues surrounding the closure of Indian Point and understand that closing Indian Point will have no effect on our electricity supply, electricity rates or air quality. We are most happy to share this video of an outstanding person as she explains how the quality of life in Westchester can be improved for us all.

For more information on Nancy Vann

Web site:

Facebook: Nancy Vann for Westchester

Twitter: @NSVann

For more information on George Latimer

Website: http//

Facebook: George Latimer

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