No Way! Don’t Spray; Ban Toxic Pesticides


This is a must see video:

Travel with Paula Rogovin, a kindergarten teacher, as she and her students, their parents and friends, go from their school classroom through the streets of Manhattan then the Upper East Side subway down to City Hall to give testimony to NYC Councilman Ben Kallos and committee in their own VERY special way.

This is one day in their nearly 4 year journey, starting with their effort to ban the pesticide “Roundup” or glyphosate and now going after any of these toxic chemicals that are used throughout our city parks and gardens.  As Paula puts it:

In 2014, kindergarten students from PS 290 asked their Council member to help get a law to ban toxic pesticides. In 2015, he introduced INTRO 0800 which would ban toxic pesticides in NYC parks, playgrounds, and public spaces. In 2017, the kindergarten through 4th graders, their families, and their teacher testified at the City Council Committee on Health. The effort continues. Please adapt their efforts to end use of toxic pesticides such as glyphosate in your city, town, or country!

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  1. Marion Barnett // October 23, 2017 at 3:17 am // Reply

    Congrats to all the children and families who participated in this day to voice support for Intro 0800! WOW!

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