Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power: An Introduction-Part 2



This video is an introduction to the problems/challenges of both fossil fuels and nuclear power.   Part-2, herein, is with Dr. Gordon Edwards speaking about nuclear power.  Part-1, a separate video, which can be seen at the link below, has Dr. Courtney Williams speaking about Fossil Fuels and their growing infrastructures.

Both experts include the human history of living with feeling the risks and effects associated with these fuels in the short term and through the thousands of years of monitoring and decommissioning some of them require.

Dr. Edwards talks of radiation, activation, ionization, decommissioning, monitoring, accidents, bomb trains and barges, short and long term storage and the sicknesses and death associated with nuclear power.  He finishes his exploration with the issue of Nuclear Waste and his statement that Rolling Stewardship is an alternative plan, not a solution.

While stating that, at present, there is no scientific solution to the nuclear waste problem, he clearly tells us that abandonment of the radioactive waste is not an ethical position for today’s generation or for any future generation at any time throughout the tens of thousands of years required to monitor this waste.

As Dr. Gordon says:  The Waste is Active (growing and spreading like a disease while it is radioactive and decaying). We, therefore,  have to be Active Also.

Part 1 with Dr Williams, talks of infra-structures, pipelines, compressor stations, venting, leakage, accidents, pigging stations, decompressurizing, bomb trains, oil barges, storage, monitoring, human sicknesses, death and more, all associated with fossil fuels.

Their hope is with the human spirit and the proven abilities of the sustainable energy industry to overcome the disasters and continuing risks of both of these non-sustainable, non-renewable fuels.

For More Info:

Part 2:

Dr. Gordon Edwards

President, Canadian Coalition For Nuclear Responsibility

The Montreal Declaration for a Nuclear-Fission-Free World

Part 1 with Dr. Williams:

Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power:  An Introduction

Dr. Courtney Williams-Cancer Research Scientist and Anti-Fossil Fuel Activist

Vice-President, Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRG)

Co-ordinator for Resist Spectra


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