Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power: An Introduction


Dr. Courtney Williams-Cancer Research Scientist and Anti-Fossil Fuel Activist

Vice-President, Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRG)

Co-ordinator for Resist Spectra


Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power:  An Introduction to Understanding Their Problems and Challenges

Part-1:  The Fossil Fuel Side

This video is an introduction to the problems/challenges of both fossil fuels and nuclear power.  Part 1 has Dr. Courtney Williams speaking on fossil fuels and their growing infrastructure.  Part 2 has Dr. Gordon Edwards talking about the nuclear aspects.

Both experts include the human history of living with and feeling the risks and effects associated with these fuels in the short term and through the thousands of years of monitoring and the decommissioning nuclear process.

Dr. Williams elaborates on infra-structure, compressor stations, venting processes, leakages, accidents, pigging stations, bomb trains, oil barges, monitoring, human sicknesses and death, and much more.

In the forthcoming Part 2 video, Dr. Edwards delves into nuclear radiation, nuclear activation, ionization, leakages, bomb trains, short and long term storage, decommissioning, monitoring, human sicknesses and death from the nuclear industry, and much more.

Their hope is with the human spirit and the proven abilities of the sustainable energy industry.


Marilyn Elie-Interviewer:  Environmental News and Notes


The Environment TV

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  1. Jill McManus // June 4, 2017 at 4:35 am // Reply

    Charlie – thanks and great job – finally we get the nuclear and pipeline risks talked about together in strong terms, and Cuomo’s weasely twist on the water permit for Atlantic Bridge. A horrifying story all around. Courtney really has her presentation together. Bravo to both Courtney and Marilyn! When will Part 2 be done (do I dare ask!) I’m thinking we could consider this and maybe some of Part 2 for screening at the next Grassroots Alliance meeting – and invite all the enviro groups. This would be the “press conference” presentation that I wanted to put together almost three years ago and took so much flak about. Remember? Now too late, we are submerged by a totally alien administration and have no recourse. Or maybe we never did. Jill

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