Supporting Standing Rock’s Water Protectors: Water is Sacred, Water is Life

Three incredible individuals, representing various groups with environmental concerns as part of their activism, show their shared concerns with the Standing Rock activists/water protectors of North Dakota.

Watch and listen as they take you on their separate journeys, one at Standing Rock, another at the Native American Ramapough Lenape camp in Mahwah Township, New Jersey, while the last recounts his civil disobedience and arrest at TD Bank in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, for  “sitting” in support of the Standing Rock demonstrators of North Dakota.  He also explains the civil disobedience reality including the jail experience.

Three witness-activists:

Part 1-”Clergy Witnessing At Standing Rock”, with Rick Ufford-Chase, Co-director of Stony Point Center and Co-Founder the Community of Living Traditions.

Part 2-”Ramapough-Lenape, NJ Stand with Sioux, ND”, with Chief Dwaine Perry, Sachem Maqua of the Ramapough-Lenape and reporter Marilyn Elie of the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition and host/producer of Environmental News and Notes-Westchester County, at the Split Rock Sweet Water Camp.

Part 3-Living Civil Disobedience with Ted Glick, Writer/Speaker/Activist/Organizer.









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  1. Jill McManus // February 12, 2017 at 7:22 pm // Reply

    Charlie – is there a video containing speeches of these people? Unable to find where to click to access it. it does not come up with video from title or icon. Jill

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