Nuclear Convergence-Indian Point-October 2, 2016



Continuing last month’s videoing following their monthly meeting, the Convergence at Stony Point, an Indian Point anti-nuclear activist gathering, again videoed a summary of their event in the hopes of reaching a wider audience of activists and other concerned and interested people.

Marilyn Elie, a member of Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, a participant of the Convergence, has volunteered to write and do the video report, which she is calling, “Environmental News and Notes”, and which she plans to air on public access TV in Indian Point’s local distribution area, along with other environmental coverage as part of her production.

The Convergence Meeting’s Summary of Sunday, October 2, 2016

Order of Topics Covered

-Intro-Marilyn Elie

-Bonnie Raitt-Donation of $1,000 plus some future ideas

-Reaching out to 1st responders

-Thank you to STOP THE ALGONQUIN PIPELINE  EXTENSION, SAPE, for their involvement at the “convergence” of that pipeline and Indian Point’s Nuclear reactors.

-Stony Point Hudson River Action with photos to come

-Diablo Canyon, California, its closure and lessons for Indian Point

-Decommissioning a Nuclear Plant.  Thoughts and forthcoming actions

-More on a Just Transition and Transitioning to Renewables

-Environmental Event-Patagonia Store

-Gov. Cuomo Nuclear Tax and the Clean Energy Standard–Nuclear Subsidy of $7.4 Billion to upstate’s unprofitable nuclear utilities.

-California Energy Tour completed recently by Marilyn

-David Lockbaum, a nuclear safety engineer, as a resource on the current state of

nuclear power

-Meeting Invitation to

Monthly Meeting

!st. Sunday of the

Month:  1:30 PM

Stony Point Conference Center

17-Cricketown Road

Stony Point, NY 10980

Marilyn Elie

Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

The Environment TV


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