The Convergence Meeting’s Summary/Minutes of Sunday, September 11, 2016


A coalition of anti-nuclear and anti-Indian Point groups and individuals have been meeting over the years to discuss their plans and actions, mostly meeting at the Stony Point Conference Center in Stony Point, New York.  After their meeting of September 11, 2016, some of them decided to make a trial video of that talk as a sort of summary or minutes.  They are hoping that this will enhance their activities.  The Environment TV is happy to assist in this endeavor.

Table of Contents:

-What is a Just Transition?……(00:39 to 2:13:19)

-Not Needing Indian Point’s Energy Contribution…..(2:13:21 to 3:32:03)

-NYS Subsidizing Upstate Nuclear Reactors…..(3:32:04 to 8:18:11)

-Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Seeking Comments for Public Hearing Changes…..(8:19:01 to 9:40:13)

-Air and Water Advertisement on Channel 12:  All of September-Westchester/Parts of Putnam County…..(9:40:23 to 10:47:00)

-Barges on the Hudson…..(10:47:01 to 12:58:20)

-Final Thoughts/Remarks……(12:58:22 to 14:26:17)

For More Info:

The Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition at

Meetings usually the first Sunday of each month at the Stony Point Conference Center, Stony Point, NY but check the web site for any changes

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