Air and Water Advertisement for Westchester/Putnam Counties, NYS (Standard Definition)

(This is a Standard Definition (SD) Video version (480) for those viewers who do not have High Definition capability to view this)

ETV is proud to publish their first environmental advertisement, which was made in association with the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC) and will be shown during the month of September, 2016, throughout Westchester County, NY, and parts of Putnam County, NY, about 80 times throughout the day, evening and night.

The substance of the ad begins to show how Entergy’s Indian Point Nuclear  Power Plant is affecting the air and water and how we don’t need the energy produced by the plant as that energy has already been replaced by other energy sources.

We hope that this short ad encourages other groups to present their own views, their own concerns and bring about, in the general public, a real awareness and debate about the risks, rewards and possible elimination of this unneeded power method.

ETV would like to thank:  Margo Scheport, the main script writer, location guide and artistic designer for the ad (and her vacation family);  Charlie Olson, for videography and editing; Dana Hanford, for her voicing: Sally Gellert, for her font advise and selection; Susan Hito Shapiro and Michel Lee for mountains of advice including legal support;  and for the advice and support of Gary Shaw, Jeanne D. Shaw, Marilyn Elie and Manna Jo Greene.  ETV hopes that we haven’t left out anyone else who has been part of this project and hopes and invites others to join us in this endeavor.

Much special thanks goes to Paul Gunther from Beyond Nuclear for his initial encouragement to Margo while viewing Indian Point’s nuclear power plant from across the Hudson River.  He said:  “There’s the whole video.  Right There!!!”


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