Groups Unite Against Gas and Nuclear Power in Clean Energy Standards Proposals

On June 16, 2016, a group of concerned citizens representing grassroots organizations came together to express their concerns and raise questions with the Public Service Commission on the role of gas and nuclear power in the Clean Energy Standards.
Calling nuclear power clean and carbon free, as is done in the CES is simply not true. Mislabeling it in the CES provokes deep distrust of the process and calls into question both the methodology and integrity of the Commission.   If we are to move towards a truly green energy policy coal, oil, gas and uranium must be left in the ground.  Tier 3 of the plan which supports nuclear power must be eliminated.
We need a policy for New York State that phases out dirty, dangerous generators such as nuclear power and replaces it with clean and green renewables.  We stand in solidarity with the Sierra Club and many others, who understand the importance of off shore wind as an abundant source of clean energy and advocate for a special Tier for this important resource.  Conservation, efficiency, demand response, and transmission improvements must receive greater weight in the Clean Energy Standards and results must be carefully monitored.  There is no bridge to clean energy except clean energy!

Moderator/Speakers in order of appearance:

Moderator: Marilyn Elie, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition. Lives 5 1/2 miles from Indian Point (IP)

Judy Allen, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition. Lives 14 miles from IP

Catherine Skopic, Shut Down Indian Point Now

Patricia Evans, EMT, Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corp (retired)

Nancy S. Vann, President, Safe Energy Rights Group. Lives 3 miles from IP

Ellen Weininger, Director, Educational Outreach, Grassroots Environmental Education

Rachel Marco Havens, Co Director, Earth Guardians; Director, Earth Guardian Global Youth Engagement

Margo Schepart, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition. Lives a few miles from IP and is speaking for Susan Van Dolsen of Stop The Algonquin Pipeline Extension (SAPE)

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