When Nuclear Plants Close: Challenges for U.S. Reactor Decommissioning-Panel 1


What happens when a Nuclear Power Plant is SHUT DOWN???

Does it simply VANISH???

The New York Society For Ethical Culture, the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Jack and Belle Alpern Foundation bring together multiple people and discipines to probe that very much sought after DECOMMISSIONING event.

By bringing together grassroots activists, regulators, scientists and advocacy lawyers in a Q & A setting at Manhattan’s New York Society for Ethical Culture’s space, they have caused the rather large unseen elephant in the room to finally make an appearance.

They have released 2 separate videos, one of each Panel, with the Q & A session to follow-up later.

PANEL 1:  National Perspectives on Decommissioning

Mycle Schneider-Independent Counsultant, Paris

The Prospects for U.S. Nuclear Retirements in the International Context

Gregory Jaczko-Former Chairman, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Challenges Inherent in Sustainable, Durable Progress on Reactor Decommissioning

Peter Bradford-Former NRC Commissioner and Former Maine & New York Public Utility Commissioner

State and Federal Roles in Decommissioning Policy:  What They Are and What They Could Be.

John Sipos-Assistant Attorney General, NY Attrorney General’s Office

Challenges in NY From the Indian Point and Other Reactors

Geoffrey Fettus-Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)——–Moderator

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