“Indian Point” TALKBACK

During the Green Mountain Film Festival in Montpelier, Vermont, in March of 2016, Ivy Meeropol’s “Indian Point” film was shown.

It was followed by a TALKBACK with a panel that included one of the main real-life people living there at Indian Point and who also was a main character in the film: Marilyn Elie.

The panel consisted of:  Amy Shollenberger of Action Circle as Moderator; Christopher  Recchia, Commissioner, Public Service Department, Vermont; Marilyn Elie, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC)

They discussed the following topics and participated in some audience questions and answers as outlined below.

Intros…(0:41 – 2:19)

1-The Epic Battle Between State and Local Rights;  between Federal rules, rights, supremacy and industry’s rules, rights and supremacy versus local people who live there and their rights, input and power…….(2:20 – 11:00)

2-Explaining Baseload and Intermittant load, distributive generation…….(11:02 – 12:48)

3-Spent Fuel………(13:05 – 21:08)

4-Net Metering……(21:09-25:43)

5-Audience Q:  What experience is needed in society to help make change happen…..(25:44 – 34:25)

6-Current government proposal for spent fuel pads…(34:26 – 40:40)

7- Type of casts used for spent fuel….(40:41 – 44:34)

8-Closing Comments…(44:35 – 50:55)

9-End Credits……(50:56 – 52:25)

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