Environmental WeeklyNews March 18, 2016

This Week’s Contents, as reported by Ken Gale and Charlie Olson:

-Japanese People & Court Help Shut Down Nuclear Plant…Ken Gale (0:59 – 1:57)

-Methane Pipeline Vibrations: Harmful or Not?….Ken Gale…..( 1:59 – 5:22)

-Upcoming Events: Safe Energy Summit: End Nuclear Power Now….Ken Gale…..(5:23 – 5:45)

-An Excerpt From The Indian Point Eleven’s Court House Press Conference of Tuesday 3-8-2016…..(5:47 – 14:16)
WITH……Marilyn Elie-Moderator
Marty Stolar-National Lawyers Guild
Gary Shaw-Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition…..(9:43 – 14:16)

-Upcoming Events: All Hands On Deck: A Fund Raiser For Pete Seeger’s Legacy & the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Boat….Ken Gale….(14:17 – 16:45)

-The ETV’s Goals……..Charlie Olson…(16:46 – 17:23)

-End Credits/Links, etc…….(17:25 – 20:30)

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