Resisting the Constitution Pipeline: A Family’s Fight to Protect Their Land

Catherine and Megan Holleran, the owners of this land, along with Alex Lotorto, from Energy Justice Network, who is assisting the family, explain their fight against Eminent Domain usage by the Constitution Pipeline, the courts and the state of Pennsylvania.

Their property is in New Milford Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania and is “on” the pathway of the 124 mile route between Montrose, Pa. and Albany, NY, of this pipeline.

They have not given their permission to the Constitution Pipeline for the use of their land for this purpose and are being forced to allow it to happen.

This is their story as recorded by Wilton Vought, videographer/editor/producer of “Other Voices, Other Choices”.

To help them and others:  Call Governor Cuomo:  877-235-6537

See their Facebook page for the latest updates:…

January 31, 2016; New Milford Township, PA

((And yes, this is also the territory of Vera Scroggins, Craig Stevens, Ray Kemble and other fighters from Montrose and New Milford, Pa.))

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