Indian Point (Entergy Corp.) Nuclear Myth Busters

In a video response to the MYTHs being spread about the nuclear power plant at Indian Plant, NY, by its owner, Entergy Corp., residents and grassroots activist groups are setting the record straight.
Taking the actual mailing advertisement recently sent throughout the Tri-State Greater NYC area, they “BUST” each MYTH.
NYC does not need Indian Point for its Energy. Not 25%. Not 1%.
Indian Point is not safe.
Indian Point is an accident waiting to happen due to: its lack of maintenance; frayed wiring; closeness to 2 earthquake faults; closeness to a proposed high pressure methane (natural gas) pipeline; for receiving 100 or so exemptions from cited Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) violations.
Indian Point does produce radiation which increases cancer rates for miles from its center.
Indian Point does not have any sensible, adequate evacuation plan for the millions in its disaster radii.
Indian Point is mainly concerned about its profits, not people or safety.
Nuclear Power does not provide clean air, less green house gases (GHG), less asthma, etc..
There are alternatives to Nuclear energy right now and much more……..

They end with asking us, whether we are residents of NYC or not, to join them in supporting the NYC Council’s resolution # 0694, which asks that Indian Point’s Nuclear Power Plant not be re-licensed, so that it can be fully and permanently shut down, as one of its 3 reactors already is.

For more info on activist groups, council members, the resolution itself, etc.: and their Facebook


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