Portland! Save the Portland Redwoods

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Portland! Save the Portland Redwoods need your help at 7:00AM this September 16th!

3654 SE Martins Street
Portland, Oregon 97202


These are the three giant sequoias planted in SE Portland in the 1800’s that Everett Custom Homes are trying to cut down for urban development.

Vic Remmers, chair of Everett Homes was recently appointed one of the 25-member Stakeholder Advisory Committee to assist the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability with the Residential Infill Project in Portland by Mayor Charlie Hales. Within a few weeks of being appointed Remmers have already bypassed Portland’s Title 11 meant to protect trees in Portland by paying $1,200 per trees for the rights to cut them down.

This is not a sustainable model in Portland.

Neighbors in the immediate area have expressed disapproval of the demolition and local activists have gathered underneath the trees to prevent cutting of these trees. There are at least two activists who have climbed some 50′ up these historic trees that survived through the World Wars.

Locals are calling for support from the community and asking for people to show up early tomorrow morning by 7:00am to form a human blockage and prevent Everett Homes from cutting down these trees which are rumored to be processed and shipped for timbers.

Giant sequoias can live for thousands of years and are the world’s largest living organisms by volume. These tree sequoias are approximately 120′ tall and are considered healthy, young juveniles that provides shelter for an array of migrating birds, insects, and small mammals. They are considered endangered and scientists are still actively working to replant them around the world.

Please join us and save the majestic giants of Portland.


Save the Portland Redwoods

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