Off and On: The Climate Movement and the Road Through Paris

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From Bill McKibben

September 10th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for an important event we’re calling Off and On: The Climate Movement & the Road Through Paris

Naomi Klein, Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, Eddie Bautista of the New York Environmental Justice Alliance, and a bunch of special guests will be coming together to lay out why this year could be such a dramatic turning point for our movement.

We’re living through the hottest year in recorded history. We’re fighting pitched battles against tar sands oil, Australian coal mines, and Arctic drilling, not to mention fracking, pipelines, and the companies and portfolios that bankroll them. It’s a battle not just for climate sanity, but for climate justice. And at the same time we’re living through the year that will see the most renewable energy ever installed. There’s suddenly a chance for transformative change on a scale that just might matter.

But that change requires breaking the power of the fossil fuel industry, and it involves all of us. This is our night to try and set an agenda for the Paris talks and the months beyond them. That crucial conference won’t actually solve our problems — but it is, however, a great moment to demonstrate the growing, global power of this movement.

We can’t take this event everywhere across the planet, at least not live. Instead we’re going to record this evening in Brooklyn, and make sure it gets out as widely as is digitally possible. But there will be 2000 of us in the room that night, and I’m very hopeful you’ll be one of them. Tickets are available on a sliding scale, so you can pay what you can afford or think is right. But soon, please, because this will fill up.


Bill McKibben

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