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Watch this gut-wrenching and beautiful tribute to one community in “fracking-banned” Upstate New York that is doing everything it can to stop Fracking Infrastructure from ruining its air, water, land, wildlife, people, and history. Will their representatives listen? Ultimately urging action from Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to step in and reject necessary air and water quality certificates before it’s too late, the film asks you to do your part, too. Please share across New York, New England, and the entire US—we are all connected and affected by the greed of Dirty Energy Companies. We can stop them if we work together, town by town. Be a True Leader in Renewable Energy, Mr. Cuomo—Complete the Fracking Ban and Protect NYers!



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Complete It Cuomo

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  1. Time for the people to stop these voracious pirates – the gas and oil companies that with government collusion are destroying our lives, our children’s lives, our savings, our homes, our precious land and water for private profit. Their lust for profit is turning America into a poisoned desert wasteland, a fireball of blasted-out beauty, full of sickly humans who can’t breathe or work, an ember of an empire. Without the American dream, no America.

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