Marilyn Elie Warns NYC Residents About Nuclear Corp’s Lies


Marilyn Elie, of Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, responds to what many view as outright lies by Entergy Corporation’s pro-nuclear industry’s recent massive “Ad” campaign.
Following a meeting of “Shut Down” Indian Point’s nuclear power plant, the multiple groups made 4 videos to “Bust the Myths” created by this false advertisement: one to NYC residents, one to NJ residents, one for the general public and one in Japanese, for solidarity with the people of Japan.
This is a warning call to NYC, an appeal to pass a NYC Council resolution (#0694 ) to shut down Indian Point and a myth buster video.

For further Information:

To find out who your City Council member is and contact

List of sponsors for
resolution 0694:…


-NYC Safe Energy Campaign (NYCSEC)

-Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC)

-Shut Down Indian Point Now (SDIPN)

New Jersey group:

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