Tim Judson – Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Tim Judson of the Nuclear Information and Research Service NIRS explains the need not to renew but to close down Indian Point, an aging nuclear plant 20 miles from New York City. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is apparently about to approve the renewal of the operating license but its 5 regulators were chosen by the nuclear industry! The plant is unsafe in many ways. The steel of the reactor and housing has become brittle and seriously weakened from years of exposure to radiation but the owner, Entergy, is insisting on a delay of 10 years to examine the steel. If the plant explodes like Fukushima it would make all of New York City uninhabitable and 2/3rd of New York State. July 18, 2015 video by Joe Friendly

This video is from Joe Friendly’s You Tube channel and was created by him.


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