Ken Gale’s Commemoration of the Navajo Uranium Mining Disaster

As an introduction and prelude to a forum about the dangers of the Indian Point Nuclear Power plant located North of NYC, Ken Gale remembers an activist, Jacob Aftel, for his wisdom and advice for activists and two very important occurrances in the history of nuclear activity: The Navajo Uranium Mining Disaster and the first Atomic bomb test and explosion. Both occurred on July 16. One in 1945 and the other in 1979.

Following Ken’s commemoration three speakers talked and answered questions concerning the dangers of Indian Point.

The Forum is Titled: Indian Point: Danger on the Hudson and was sponsored by NYC Safe Energy Campaign (NYCSEC); Shut Down Indian Point Now (SDIPN) and Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Extension (SAPE) and a number of co-sponsors.

The presenters can be heard at the below links, as well as, on upcoming episodes of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)

These links are from Joe Friendly’s You Tube channel and were created by him.

1-Andy Padian. Our View of this segment would title it: Replacement Power & Energy Efficiency, although the organizers title it: Nuclear Power Reliability.

2-Paul Blanch, Failures of NRC

3-Tim Judson – Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

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