“The Mississippi was one tough river to paddle up,”

Kayaking 4 Earth

Steve Posselt, the creator of this action, is actually kayaking on rivers and other waterways to bring awareness of the enormous earth changing problems already occurring due to Climate Change, in the hopes of activating us to do the right things.

Steve, an engineer and author, started his kayaking journey in his homeland, Australia, continued onto the mighty Mississippi and along the eastern coastline of the US up to the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River.

He will further kayak in England and France arriving along the Seine River in Paris before the upcoming Climate Summit being held there from November 30 through December 11, 2015.

This is a short video of the statue, the Hudson River, Steve and his actions before leaving for Europe and the Climate Conference.

Further Note: this is the 21st. Climate Conference called for short, COP21or the 21st. Conference of the Parties, which is formerly entitled: The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

PRESS RELEASE – immediate62 year old Australian adventurer, Steve Posselt, paddles into New York after battling searing temperatures and mountainous seas in Australia, two flood peaks while paddling up the lower Mississippi and enjoying a pleasant 600 mile cruise in his kayak from Greenville North Carolina up the coast to the Big Apple.Steve will paddle around the Statue of Liberty at 11.00am Sunday June 21st and arrive at the Manhattan Kayak Company, 555 12th Ave Manhattan, at 1.00pm that day amidst a bunch of colorful kayak supporters.He is then departing by ship to paddle across the UK, the English Channel and up the Seine to Paris.

“The Mississippi was one tough river to paddle up,” Posselt said, “especially when it was in flood. It seems like I might be the only person dumb enough to try that.”After setting out from Canberra in Australia Jan 15 he is aiming for Paris before he turns 63 in October.Fit and tanned, Steve is not showing any ill effects of his astounding ordeals. With his years of media experience he gives many laconic, self-effacing responses but as a qualified water engineer and business owner he knows what he is talking about, and conveys his message with passion.
For information go to www.kayak4earth.com

Contact steve@kayak4earth.com 512-348-5208
Manhattan Kayak Company 212-924-1788

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