Global Divestment Day NYC 2015

The first “Global Divestment Day” worldwide event was held on Friday, February 13, 2015, in many parts of the world including the event depicted here in NYC’s Wall Street area on Exchange Place and Broad Street. sponsored the event and was joined by 30 or more Divest groups, Environmental groups, Environmental Justice groups, Religious groups, The Green party, Neighborhood and Garden Associations, Food groups, the Gray Panthers, among other assorted concerned groups.

Moderated by Dan Hanson, speakers included: Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal (D) 6th. District; Jarret Hova, representing the Public Advocate, Letitia James; Clara Vondrich (350NYC); Stuart Braham, Fossil Free Indexes US; Olivia Rich, NYU Divest; Brandt Weathers, The New School University; Kevin Murungi, Global Kids; Chris Fici, Union Theological Seminary and GreenFaith, and Malik Yusef of the Hip Hop Caucus.

Easy To Find Index/Table of Contents:
Clara Vondrich…..(00:25 to 00:58)
NYC Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal……..(1:02 to 8:50)
Jarret Hova for Letitia James………..(8:54 to 10:58)
Stuart Braman………..(11:00 to 14:18)
Olivia Rich……(14:21 to 17:56)
Brandt Weathers……(18:00 to 19:30)
Kevin Murungi…..(19:32 to 25:00)
Chris Fici…..(25:01 to 27:15)
Malik Yusef………..(27:16 to 30:17)
Clara Vondrich–Olivia Rich Interview……..(30:18 to 34:47)
End Credits………(34:48 to 35:49)
Guest Speakers List……..(35:03 to 35:14)
Sponsor/Co-sponsor List…….(35:15 to 35:29)
Web Sites+++List…..(35:30 to 35:39)

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  1. Really inspiring, especially appreciated hearing good things from Kevin Murungi of Global Kids about progress in other countries and his encouragement to work with the wonderful Donovan Richards and the rest of the City Council Environmental Protection Committee and the great Helen Rosenthal, and glad that our Public Advocate’s office is now involved as well. And thanks for all of you who braved the cold.
    Also helpful to have the index, thanks for that too, Environment TV – you’re the best, and that’s not just because you are our only TV outlet in NYC dedicated to environmental issues!!!

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