News Alert: LNG Hearing, Jamaica, Queens

News Alert

News Alert: LNG Hearing, Jamaica, Queens

On Wednesday, January 7, 2015, in Jamaica, Queens, NYC, a hearing will be held for public comments concerning the “Port Ambrose” Liquid Nitrogen Gas (LNG) proposed facility to be located off shore in the area of Long beach, Long Island, Nassua County, NYS. This video is a public alert to support the residents and their responsibility to attend the hearing and to add their voice and comments concerning this project.

For further Information contact: All Our Energy @ and the Sane Energy Project @

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  1. January 7th on Long Island: Port Ambrose Public Hearing! Please join us and tell everyone you know to attend the ONLY public hearing currently scheduled in New York regarding Liberty Natural Gas’ bid to build a floating LNG facility right where a wind farm should go. The hearing follows an open house starting at 4:30; sign up to speak at the hearing starting at 6pm. The JFK Hilton, located at 144-02 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436, is right outside JFK Airport, and is reachable by public transport:

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