The Environmental Forum: Comparing Grassroots & National Organizing


The first of our series, The Environmental Forum, deals with the differences between large, small, local, national and international environmental grassroots groups.
The substance of this discussion by Kim Fraczek of Occupy The Pipeline, JK Canepa of NY Climate Action Group, Donna Stein of NYC Friends of Clearwater, Tim Keating of Rainforest Relief and Ken Gale of the Eco-Logic radio show, was at such a high level that it inspired us to look for ways to do this more often. This particular episode has also been made available as a DVD premium during a recent fund raiser of WBAI-99.5 FM’s fund drive.
Comparing Grassroots and National Organizing:
Intro by Ken Gale…..(00:38 to 3:24)
Q1-What’s the difference between large, small, local, national and international environmental groups?……(3:25 to 17:24)
Q2-How is growth defined?……(17:25 to 29:08)
Q3-Personal Stories……(25:09 to 43:29)
Q4- What advantages do larger groups have?……(43: to 56:11)
Q5 & 6-What are the dangers of “Green Washing” with larger groups?
Balancing priorities and “Green Washing”….(56:12 to 1:09:37)
Q7-What are your grassroots grups doing now?…….(1:09:40 to 1:22:49)
Thank Yous……(1:22:50 to 1:23:17)
End Credits……(1:23:18 to 1:25:10)

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