The People’s Climate March Press Conference

The People's Climate March Press Conference The People's Climate March Press Conference

On Wednesday, July 29, 2014, Unions, Environmental Groups, Faith Leaders, Hurricane Sandy people and people from many “walks” of life, rallied and held a Press Conference at Duffy Square, a part of Times Square, to announce their activities leading up to the “People’s Climate March” for 9/21/14. Their purpose is to spread the word and gather more people to join the many activities prior to and after their main march on Sunday, 9/21. The goal is to reach the ears of Pres. Obama and all the other world leaders gathering for the UN’s Climate Summit two days later, on Tuesday, 9/23/14, to do something specifically and effectively to lessen the pain and damage of today’s Climate Changes.
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If the coalition is successful in its recruitment goals, the People’s Climate March will be the largest single march on climate change in world history and the first major street protest of Mayor DeBlasio’s administration.

The coalition chose to hold the press conference in Times Square because it is one of the information nerve centers of the world, and because they are planning for the march route to go from Columbus Circle/59th St., down through Times Square, and conclude in Union Square or another location as determined by the city.


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