Green Gotham – Michelle Andry and Kendy Francois

Green Gotham Green Gotham

Green Gotham is a show about New Yorkers who are making great green things happen. It airs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) for those who have cable TV on this little island. And, for those who don’t or who live elsewhere, it also airs on YouTube and Vimeo.

Michelle Andry, Program Coordinator of the Urban Assembly School For Green Careers, a specialty public high school on the Upper West Side (how cool is THAT?!?!) and one of its recent graduates, Kendy Francois (bound for Ithaca College next month).

To make sure you see the remaining 8 episodes (they air every two weeks—the next one will be up on Wednesday on line—not sure when it will go up on MNN), please friend our Facebook page: And feel free to subscribe to the YouTube and/or Vimeo pages. Oh yeah, and please share with your networks (assuming you like it). Feedback is, of course, welcome.
Thanks in advance for watching “Green Gotham”!

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