Brine Truck Dumping on Road Ft Worth TX

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This video was posted 4-5-2014 by Sharon Sims-Belvin. We rotated the image for Sharon and added the original text (below).

This morning about 9:45 a.m. in Fort Worth.

The kids and I were headed to the flower shop this
morning, when I noticed my heart started racing,
beating very, very fast.

My hands started to shake and then the rest of my body
was trembling slightly.

We smelled a strange, not quite sweet chemical odor.

I thought…’What the heck is going on?!!” I only had 1/2
a cup of coffee but it felt like a caffeine rush. I was a
little worried because we were in traffic near downtown
with a lot of construction……tight lanes……and two
pretty girls in my back seat.

The smell got a lot worse. I tried turning the vents on….
it got worse. Then I turn the vents off and rolled the
windows down… got worse.

I held my hand up to visibly see that the shaking was
also getting worse. I put my fingers to my throat and
could feel my heart racing.

Then I saw him and I knew.

I tried to wave him over.
He ignored me.

I got in front of him and tapped my brakes lights….turned
on my signal….. then turned on my emergency flashers.

I slowed him down to 40 mph but he would not pull over.
I pulled back along beside him and after getting him down
to 35 mph…on the freeway and waving several times
with the window down….

He finally rolled down his window to see what was the matter.
There was at least one other guy in a pick-up also trying to
make him stop.

It took about 5 miles of this to finally get him to stop.
I have no idea if he fixed it or not, but he did get out and
go to the back of the truck.

I noticed him on West Bound I-30 at Montgomery
and he finally pulled over at Las Vegas Trail. I have no
idea how long he had been leaking…..all the way from
Arlington? Mansfield? Who knows where!

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