Change in ag regs criminalizing urban farmers delayed

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From our friends in Michigan Lansing Online News The Michigan Agricultural Commission voted to delay its decision on changing the “siting” regulation of the GAAMPs (Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices) to remove Right to Farm protection from urban farmers. Folks like “Chicken Felon” Randy Zeilinger who want to raise chickens in their backyards would then be at the mercy of a conflicting and confusing crazy quilt of local and state zoning laws. The commission plans to vote on the change in late April. Wendy Banka, president of the Michigan Small Farm Council, said that her group will work hard to persuade commission members to vote no. has covered the issues extensively in articles by Rosemary Parker:

Wendy Banka and “Chicken Felon” Randy Zeilinger appeared on the Lansing Online News Radio Show on WLNZ two months ago. (Go to the 21-minute mark.)  

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