EMISSIONS Images From The Mixing Layer (art exhibition) EMISSIONS Images From The Mixing Layer (art exhibition)


In the fall of 2013, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art presented a two-part program based on the results of a 2012 scientific study on the leakage of methane gas from the aging gas pipeline infrastructure in Manhattan. That study was conducted by Gas Safety, Inc. under the auspices of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability. The two-part presentation was entitled “Emissions: Images From The Mixing Layer.” The first part consisted of an art exhibition by the same name, held at Cooper Union from October 22nd to November 8th. The second part, presented in this video, was a panel discussion on this topic, and included the following participants:

Barbara Arrindell is an artist, and the Founder and Director of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability.

Bryce Payne, PhD, is an Associate Research Professor at Wilkes University, Senior Fellow of Wake Forest University CEES, and Partner at Gas Safety, Inc., who together with his partner, Robert Ackley, collected the data and produced the graphic imagery shown in both parts of the Cooper Union presentation.

Ruth Hardinger and Rebecca Smith are both artists, and both curated the art exhibition.

Al Appelton is a former Commissioner of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and a Senior Fellow for Sustainable Entrepreneurship at the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design.

Kevin Bone, the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Design, introduced the panel discussion.

Samara Swanston, Legislative Counsel to The Environmental Protection Committee of the New York City Council,, was slated to participate in the panel to discuss her personal views (not those of “any governmental entity”) on the use of renewable energy sources in the city, but was unable to attend because of a scheduling conflict. Her views were recorded in a video two days later in the Cooper Union art gallery, and may be seen at: http://youtu.be/HjAZ8_wIuyc

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