Duke Energy Clean Up Your Coal Ash – Petition Delivery

Greenpeace Occupy Duke Day of Action Greenpeace Occupy Duke Day of Action

Several groups delivered petitions to Duke Energy to Clean Up their Coal Ash ponds.

In response to a recent Coal Ash Spill, hundreds gathered, chanted and handed to Duke Energy 8,898 signed petitions requesting the complete and speedy clean-up of the incident. The rally and petition exchange took place at Duke Energy’s Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Accepting the signed petitions for the February 2nd coal ash spill at the Eden, NC plant was spokesperson Tom Williams from Duke Energy.

Video from Dee Anonmiss

From Dee Anonmiss – “they stated 3 people could go hand them in at first then that changed to no one past the red brick, to no one taking them to finally taking them and now action is being done !!! So big thank you to the host of this event!!!! #changecanhappen”

Photos from Antoine James

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