NEWS BRIEF: Save Minisink & The Black Dirt Farms Rally

NEWS BRIEF: Save Minisink & The Black Dirt Farms Rally NEWS BRIEF: Save Minisink & The Black Dirt Farms Rally

Why Is Minisink’s Battle So Important To The State, And To The Nation?

Minisink’s case at the U.S. Court of Appeals will set a new legal precedent in terms of communities’ rights vs. the corporate interests of the oil and gas industry. Already, Minisink has broken four legal precedents, and the community is now poised to make history again at the federal judiciary level. It could either go remarkably well, and Minisink could
be the first community in the nation to have a compressor station shut down and physically removed, thereby setting an incredible precedent for the state, in fact a national precedent; or it will be an unconscionable failure to protect and defend the people, enabling the industry to place
industrial facilities of this magnitude in agricultural and residential areas across the country, even if corporate fraudulence is exposed, and viable alternatives exist. It’s one or the other, there is no in-between in this scenario.

How Can I Learn More, And Get Involved?

Please visit us at, where you will find further information on the history of our struggle, our legal documents and pending federal court case, old and new press releases, links to video documentation, and media coverage over the last two years. We are happy to accept contributions toward our efforts at the “donate” tab provided on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter. For general inquiries, please email

We appreciate your interest and support in this critical struggle.

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