Vera Scroggins: A Pennsylvania Fracking Tour Review


Vera Scroggins is presently under a court mandated Temporary and Emergency Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent her from getting too close to the fracking operations of Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation, one of 7 energy companies in her area.
This TRO has been in effect for about a year and she has been doing her tours for about 5 years taking everyday people and officials from various agencies and elected offices, including foreigners, throughout her township and surrounding towns.
This video is a reminder and review of her still on-going daily activities that should not be stopped. If anything, they should be increased. She receives no salary for her more than full-time volunteer work.
The tour touches all your senses including smell. The video tries to capture the vastness of the fracking well-pad site; the noise of the 24 hour/7 day compressor stations; the rumble and noise of working well-site trucks; the changes that virgin farm-land goes through and much more.
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