The Marriage of a Corporation and a Person (Short Version)

From Billy Talen via Google+

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE MARRY CORPORATIONS? Here is our marriage of the comely activist to a phalanx of Super Pacs at the NY Stock Exchange, recently purchased by an Atlanta company fronting for big banks. The exchange in other words swallowed up in its own avarice… ANYWAY, WHAT’S IN THIS COFFEE? We are all of us confronted with the reality of the comic metaphor in this film. We are at the altar with collective identities that inside them submerge the personalities of thousands of actual people (who mean well and are trying to make a living); who gather in the shadow of their logo. This entity, the corporation, cannot make prosperity, but controls the images of prosperity. Same with safety, status, sexiness… But the commitment of our bodies to the corporation is what we must do to break it open. Love and serve ten thousand people at once who call themselves Bayer Aspirin… We date Bayer. Slyly rub their secondary erogenous zones. We get a pass to their lobby, their country club, their TV station. We submit and penetrate. Then SUDDENLY WE REPRESENT THE HONEY BEES OF THE WORLD. We are the dying bees resurrected with a stinging vengeance. Nicotinoid pesticides made by Bayer are outed. We shower information – nay, we POLLINATE – the ten thousand innocent Bayer workers. We talk, whistle-blow, sue, publish and post, hand out free generic aspirin, release live bees in the CEO’s corner office. We leave him at the altar, stuck in a karmic sticky bath of HONEY. Earthalujah!

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