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Overwhelming as it is, this is the environmental scene:
-We’re all still not on the same page even within the environmental activist groups.  But despite that we all seem to be headed on or towards the same path.
-September 21st. marks the first anniversary of the Peoples Climate March   of 2014, held in NYC and attended by 400,000.
-This week we continue to see the refugees from Syria and elsewhere seeking a safe place outside their country’s borders due to their homeland’s problems.  What will this be like when climate change causes more of the island and coastal waters of the world’s nations to rise thus causing even more refugees??  Will we behave the same as we now are towards those refugees?  Will we be ready??  Will we share our land and resources?
-This week also has the Pope visiting the US and talking about climate change  (((((The Pope’s Recent Climate Encyclical: 
And a video explaining the encyclical:
)))))while others continue on their own activist journeys:
**Vera Scroggins:  Despite being harassed by lawsuits to “cease and desist”, still continues her car and bus tours of her county in Pennsylvania where fracking has destroyed so much. Her videos, her public access shows and her testimony continue.
**Steve Posselt, the Australian kayaker continues his journey to Paris’ climate summit in late November and early December of this year by way of the rivers and lakes of the US, England and France:
**The “Beyond Extreme Energy” group with Thomas Parker finish their “fasting” in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Wash., D.C.
**Michael Johnson-Chase will start his journey by bicycle from NYC through Vera’s Pennsylvania and then up to Seneca Lake,  to witness first hand another fight against climate change by the “We Are Seneca Lake” grassroots group with Sandra Steingraber and other people of the Finger Lake region. We are looking forward to his comments.
-At the local NYC level, the NYC Council’s resolution – #0694 – to “not renew Indian Point nuclear power plant’s license”, continues gathering councilmember signers (
Many paths.  Much to learn.  More to act on.  All having as their point:  Save the Planet.  Save us.  And it is, up to us.
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